Trauma Insurance pays lump sums up to $2,000,000 if you suffer any of the trauma definitions in a policy wording. Comprehensive trauma covers offer cover on more than forty majour health events.

When life is seriously affected by a critical illness Trauma pays a lump sum allowing you to focus on recovery. Payments can be used for any purpose—reducing debt, living expenses, alternative medical treatments, a holiday to recuperate.

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Troy's Story - "The need for insurance protection is underestimated. With the benefit of hindsight, we'd have taken out more insurance."

Episode 5: What is trauma or critical illness insurance? What are its features and benefits, why should I own it, how is it paid?
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Episode 12: A look at cancer and the role of insurance.
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Things to Consider

  1. Comprehensive trauma insurance from specialised providers identifies and covers more than forty events; compared with as few as 11 from general insurance providers such as banks
  2. Major trauma covers the big events such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer; making it an affordable option for major events only
  3. Can be paid as a lump sum benefit or as a continued income for surviving family members
  4. Lots of optional benefits and combinations to consider
  5. Standalone trauma cover vs. acceleration of life cover (big potential implications)
  6. Free children’s cover
  7. Premium Payment cover to take care of premiums if off work due to accident or sickness

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