Total and Permanent Disability is an Occupation Rated cover providing a lump sum payment of up to $5,000,000 if you are permanently disabled and unlikely to ever return to work again.

Permanent disability as a result of accident or illness might not just prevent you from earning; it could substantially increase the cost of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

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Shelley's Story - "You never know when something like this is going to hit you, and in my case, it didn't matter how fit and healthy I was."

Episode 6: What is total and permanent disability insurance (TPD); an explanation of TPD, its benefits, and definitions.
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Things to Consider

  1. TPD can cover your inability to work in either your own occupation, or any occupation
  2. The “own occupation” option provides much wider cover, if this is applicable to your occupation
  3. TPD can be paid as a lump sum or a continued income for surviving family members
  4. Can be stand alone cover or an acceleration of your life insurance cover; the implications of which need to be considered
  5. Options on level premiums, future insurability, inflation indexing, or combinations
  6. Premium Payment cover if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness

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