Mortgage and Rental Cover protects you financially in the event of you being disabled and unable to work. It provides you with a monthly benefit that adjusts with you if your circumstances change.

You can combine with cover for household expenses or income cover to protect yourself and your dependents.

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Mortgage, Income, and Rental covers help you to protect your income, home, or pay rents in the event you are unable to make payments due to disability or redundancy.

Episode 10: Small business needs protection in the event of disability of key stakeholders. How does this work?
Download podcast “Business Income Cover: What Is It, and How Can It Help?”

Things to Consider

  1. ACC will not cover your mortgage repayments in the event of illness, only accidents
  2. If eligible, you can claim on ACC and Mortgage Repayment insurance at the same time
  3. Most Mortgage Repayment products will cover you in the case of job redundancy, and can be tailored to meet your specific circumstances
  4. You don’t need to have a mortgage to be eligible for Mortgage Repayment cover

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