Medical insurance, also known as health insurance, provides you and your family with high levels of insurance to cover the rising costs of surgical and medical treatments available privately in New Zealand.

Events such as unexpected illness, life-threatening cancers, and heart disease have a devastating effect. Control, choice of medical providers, access to immediate treatment, and provision for both Pharmac and non-Pharmac medications means faster treatment and confidence in the best care.

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Mario, a kiwi bloke from Timaru shares the story on his wife’s diagnosis with cancer and what helped them through the tough and trying time.

Episode 11: Medical insurance, or as it is sometimes called, health insurance; a discussion around its features and its benefits for New Zealanders.
Download podcast “Medical (Health) Insurance Demystified”

Episode 5: Why should you, as a parent, invest hard-earned money into providing private health insurance for your children?
Download podcast “Medical Insurance for Children”

Things to Consider

  • Cover for non-Pharmac medications
  • Variable excesses
  • Specialists covers (some providers offer a degree of specialist cover in their base level of cover)
  • You may want comprehensive cover with no specified limits for various events
  • Dental and Optical
  • GP visits
  • Children’s cover
  • Lots of optional benefits

Let’s Talk Over Coffee

  • We help you by checking your best options
  • Compare benefits, make sure you are covered
  • Compare insurers and then look at costs
  • Get the right benefits for you and your family