Set up by the government in 2007 as a voluntary scheme, KiwiSaver is a simple way to save for your retirement, so you’ll have more money than what the NZ Superannuation provides.  It also has other unique benefits such as employer and government top-ups.

To make investing as painless and easy as possible, members contribute a small part of their wages or salary to their KiwiSaver account; although you can of course add to your balance in other ways.

Once you’ve been a member for three years, you can withdraw money from your KiwiSaver to buy your first home. You can take out all of the money you and your employer have put in, as well as all of your investment returns (except for $1,000 and any amount you may have transferred from an Australian complying superannuation scheme).

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If you’re thirsty for more information or advice on KiwiSaver, have coffee with us. By doing so, you can go in the draw for $5,000 worth of prizes including a $4,000 travel voucher. Alternatively, contact one of our Advisers by phone. or make an enquiry

If you’re new to KiwiSaver, find out how it makes saving for your retirement (or your first home) easy.

Why Opt-in to KiwiSaver While Studying?

If you earn $18,000 per year through part-time work and you put 8% into your KiwiSaver each year, your savings will grow considerably. If eligible, each year your employer is required to match 3% of your earnings, and the government will also contribute up to $521.43. By the time you graduate from a 4-year degree, you could have $9,627.72 in your KiwiSaver, plus investment earnings**. You can put this money (minus $1,000) towards buying your first home.

It makes sense to start early. If you didn’t have KiwiSaver until after graduation, you would have to wait longer to buy a home, and could be missing out on contributions (Employer and Government contributions). KiwiSaver makes saving easier and has great incentives to do so.

Things to Consider

1. KiwiSaver is important. One day it could be your largest asset alongside your family home

2. We work with a New Zealand owned and operated KiwiSaver specialist

2. We can provide free KiwiSaver advice for Employers and their staff

3. We can help individuals and their families understand KiwiSaver

4. Ongoing advice and support for members including assistance with withdrawals, purchase of a first home, checking your KiwiSaver tax rate, understanding fund choices, adjusting contributions, etc.

5. Personalised financial advice is available when required.


Phoenix Adviser Group Ltd can provide general advice on the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme. Disclosure statements are available on request and are free of charge.

The Generate Product Disclosure Statement can be found at

The issuer of the scheme is Generate Investment Management Limited

Past performance is not a reliable indicator or future performance

*The prize draw terms and conditions can be found at

** Assuming Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax of 17.5%. KiwiSaver members are eligible for employer contributions and Government contributions between ages 18-65.

What Should I Do to Get the Best Results From KiwiSaver?

We think that consistent investment performance from your KiwiSaver is more important than fees. It is sensible to set your contributions to a rate you can afford, and make sure you know the following:

•             Where are your funds invested?

•             Do you have the right Prescribed Investor Rate (tax rate for KiwiSaver)?

•             What are the differences between funds in KiwiSaver?

Let’s Talk Over Coffee

•             Understand your KiwiSaver

•             Review your KiwiSaver settings

•             Help with fund selection

•             We can also assist with Life insurance and Estate planning to complement your KiwiSaver