Income Protection comes in many forms, but all provide you with a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to a disability from sickness or injury. They are often based on either a pre-agreed amount or 75% of your income at claim time.

Life is unpredictable at best; being unable to work due to accident or illness in your working lifetime is a real possibility. Being able to focus on recovery and not having to worry about an income is essential during these events.

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Watch Adam’s story of his motorbike accident, and how having income protection insurance helped him get back on his feet.

Episode 9: An exploration of personal risks faced by individuals and their families when self-employed.
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Things to Consider

  1. Mortgage repayment or rental covers
  2. Living expenses
  3. Loss of earnings; agreed value and indemnity
  4. Design waiting periods before payments start, and how long you can claim for any one event (2 years to 65 years)
  5. Lots of optional benefits
  6. Premium Payment cover to ensure the premiums of other insurance products continues to be paid while you are off work due to sickness or accident

Let’s Talk Over Coffee

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  • Compare benefits, make sure you are covered
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  • Get the right benefits for you and your family