You give your life to your business; it becomes a life of its own through your energy and financial support for a long time before it returns back some of your investment.

Businesses are dependent upon people’s skills, energy, financial guarantees, financial backing, and expertise; and these are the very things that make it so vulnerable to disaster.

After all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into your business, you want to ensure you secure it and all that’s gone into creating it. You want a valuable asset that can be sold or left as an asset for your family and those you leave behind.

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Michelle tells the story of how her business survived her cancer diagnosis and treatment

Episode 9: An exploration of personal risks faced by individuals and their families when self-employed.
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Episode 10: Small business needs protection in the event of disability of key stakeholders. How does this work?
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Things to Consider

Phoenix Adviser Group CEO Adrian “Bill” Phillips has worked in the area of business insurance and business coaching programs for many years.

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  • We help you by checking your best options
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  • Compare insurers and then look at costs
  • Get the right benefits for you and your family