The Phoenix Difference

If I had my way, I would write the word “insure” upon the door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced, for sacrifices so small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up forever.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, 1874-1965

Insurance provides the financial support to rebuild from disasters. At Phoenix Adviser Group Ltd., we invite you to sit down for a relaxed, no-obligation chat with a member of our professional advisers over a free cup of tea or coffee at your favourite barista while we assess your personal and business risk management needs.

Risk management is about helping you to understand the risks faced by you, your family, your partner, and your business; in securing and protecting your health and your wealth; and ultimately leaving a secure estate for your personal and business dependents.

Working together, our team will use their 60 years of collective experience in personal and business risk management; combined with our strong business relationships with New Zealand’s leading personal risk insurers, business risk insurers, and financial service providers; to offer you a personalised risk planning solution that is both innovative and inspired.

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  • Kris Mantjika one of Adviser Team

    Kris Mantjika one of Adviser Team

    Kris is one of our team of Registered Financial Advisers.

  • Hard at Work Learning

    Hard at Work Learning

    Phoenix team at one of our many professional development workshops, here with Chris Lane from Partners Life.

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Have a Chat

Our team of independent advisers will work with you through an initial discussion, allowing you to understand the realities of personal risk issues, including:

  • Health
  • Loss of Income through disability
  • Traumatic health events
    • heart attack
    • cancer
    • stroke
    • and upwards of forty other critical health events
  • Total Disability and inability to work again 
  • Terminal Illness and Death 

We help you understand their financial impact on things such as:

  • mortgage
  • personal debt considerations
  • family and business security

In a relaxed environment over coffee we offer a Six-Step Process to assess your personal needs, priorities, budgets, and prepare a report of recommendations in person or on Skype.

Please, join us for coffee.

About Us

Inspired by the joy of sharing time with others, Phoenix Adviser Group Ltd. works with you over a beverage, continuing in the great tradition of conducting business over coffee, pioneered by Edward Lloyd in 1686. Our desire is to provide, through personal protection products, “the Right Money in the Right Hands, at the Right Time,” within your budget and your own priorities.

Our mascot is the Phoenix, a mythological bird that regenerates from the ashes of its predecessor.  We believe this to be the perfect symbol for the endurance, sustainability, and rejuvenation offered by insurance.

Our strong business relationships with many of New Zealand’s leading personal and business risk insurers, enables our advisers to offer clients with real choices in personal and business protection. Securing incomes, debts, health, for clients; businesses, families, and farms, leaving behind a secure estate for their businesses, and dependents. 

Our group is inspired by traditional values. Aesop in one of his fables expressed “Unity is Strength” nearly 2,500 years ago. We work collaboratively as a team to create personalised solutions to risk planning that are innovative and inspired.