Enjoy Coffee With Us In The Traditon Of Edward Lloyd

Come sit and share a cup and a chat with us at your favourite café, or join us for a Skype Coffee in the comfort of your own home or office.

Protect your personal wealth in the tradition of Edward Lloyd. Demystify insurance jargon, what is your most valuable asset, how does KiwiSaver really work, chat about business, or personal insurance risk or simply talk about your goals for the future.

An Early Bird? Why not get us up early for a breakfast meeting; For an enlightening discussion on protecting your most valuable asset. We would love to meet you, after all we like people.

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The Edward Lloyd Tradition

Photograph of a reproduction of Lloyd’s Coffee House frontage.
17thc Coffee House frontage at National Maritime Museum, London. On loan from Lloyd’s. © National Maritime Museum, London

In 1686 Edward Lloyd established a coffee shop in Tower Street London. To help merchants, he published a register of shipping movements to assist with the shipment of cargo. Bankers, merchants shipping agents and insurers shared coffee while discussing opportunities and networking with colleagues in the commercial world. The coffee business flourished and services expanded. Lloyd’s insurance company, banking and the evolution of personal risk insurance developed from his foresight.

The principle of discussing business over a hot beverage is a universal concept. The Teahouses of Asia became a place for business men, scholars, philosophers, civil servants and poets during the eighth and ninth century A.D.

Phoenix Adviser Group Ltd. continues this wonderful tradition today. We invite you to share coffee/tea or you favourite beverage with us at your favourite Barista. Sit a while and explore over coffee with us, what we do in the area of  risk planning; and  through our business, how we might be of service to you.

Adrian alias "Bill" has a magical gift of story telling, ask for a booking at an event to hear the Tale of Young Edward Lloyd and how he changed the world. Book a coffee with Bill.